Patada Educada Student Empowerment Project

Latinos are fast becoming the majority in California’s K-12 Schools 

and Community Colleges.
Unfortunately, they also represent the highest percentage of drop outs.
More must be done to correct this growing problem in order to help reduce Crime & Poverty.

Patada Educada Student Empowerment Project is a new drop out prevention program created by Southern California 

educator, Armando Cepeda.  

It is a series of highly effective presentations, workshops and guided materials that allow struggling students gain a higher degree of 
self-awareness, validation and confidence.
 It is designed specifically to assist students succeed in school by empowering them with a good hearted “Patada.” (an Educated Kick)
                                                             Bilingual: Spanish/English

                                                                    Contact Armando today.

                                                  www.patadaeducada.com • (951) 313-1833 • E-mail: armando@arteganas.com

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